“Mixed Bag” May 2011 Answers

1. Canberra –Tuggeranong;   Sydney – Ultimo;  Melbourne – Dallas;  Brisbane – Indroopilly;  Adelaide – Hindmarsh; Perth – Burswood; Hobart – Sandy Bay;  Darwin – Palmerston.   

2. a. Lopsided  b. Demarcation  c. Simpleton  d. Underwrite  e. Vivacious  f. Wreathe

3. Athletics

4. bronze

5. The house numbers

6. St Paul (hence, St Paul’s Cathedral)

7. It froze over  

8. Dan Brown – Angels and Demons;  Bryce Courtenay – The Potato Factory;  Colleen McCulloch – Tim;  John Le Carré – Smiley’s People;  Michael Dobbs – To Play the King;  Douglas Addams – The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul;  John Grisham – The Pelican Brief;  Steven King – The Shining

9. French World War 1 fighter ace

10. Zeppo

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