“Mixed Bag” March 2014 Answers

1. MDCLXVI = 1666


2. a. Jigsaw puzzle piece   b. Joke    c. Golf ball


3. Pared (as in abraded or rubbed away), raped, padre


4. Jack


5. Discovered Tutankhamun’s Tomb


6. B. Monkey


7. red


8. Lenny Pascoe


9. Evil Angels


10. C. The lining of an oyster shell


“Next Level”:


11. Golden Syrup


12. Helmet gun


13. Buried in a chocolate coffin


14. The pencil eraser


15. Ice Hockey


16. Went over Niagra Falls in a barrel


17. Kansas


18. Vertical Window divider


19. Statue of Liberty


20. The Sundance Kid


21. Shelby “Sheb” Wooley


22. Prime Minister of Victoria


23. John Graham Chambers


24. Opposite sides of a wall but linked with stone hands.


25. Britain and the USA


26. Pinnochio


27. Computer Mouse


28. South Australia (Donald Dunstan)


29. Long Range Gun aka Big Bertha


30. Lampreys

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