“Mixed Bag” February 2015 – Answers

  1. Any five of:


United States

United Kingdom

United Arab Emirates





  1. Three: (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane’s bid for 1992)


  1. Patton


  1. Gypsy Rose Lee


  1. Chinese checkers


  1. Beethoven


  1. Missy Higgins


  1. The Riddler


  1. Five


  1. 1964




  1. Went over Niagara Falls in a barrel


  1. Two


  1. Samuel Beckett (Nobel Prize for literature, played for Dublin University when it was in the English County competition)


  1. Bruce


  1. Sweden


  1. 1900


  1. Thirty


  1. Luck, Wisconsin


  1. Pajero is Spanish slang for “masturbator”. (It wasn’t selling very well)


  1. I’ll have what she’s having

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