“Mixed Bag” February 2011 Answers

1. a. Basic / sick bay ; b.  Welfare / farewell;  c. Zero / rosy; d. Germaine / manger

2. a. 6 Strings on a guitar;  b. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover;  c. 4 Suits in a deck of cards;  d. 1 Giant Leap for Mankind; e. 9 Lives of a Cat; f. 7 colours in the rainbow; g. 206 bones in the human body;  h. 13 stripes on the American flag; i. 76 trombones in the big parade.

3. a. Late date;  b. Glum plum;  c. Current currant;  d. Grape gripe

4. a. Anthony Perkins / Psycho;  b. Anthony Hopkins / The Silence of the Lambs;  c. Jack Nicholson /  A Few Good Men

5. Calpurnia – Julius Caesar;  Katharina – The Taming of the Shrew;  Iago – Othello; Prospero – The Tempest

6. a. Enterprise;  b. Rouseabout;  c. Rudiments

7. A mirror

8. a. Pupils / slipup;  b. Regal / lager;  c. Snoops / spoons;  d. Straw / warts


10. a. Chelsea; b. Aston Villa; c. Southampton; d. West Ham United

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