“Mixed Bag” April 2014 – Answers

1. Iron, copper, silver, gold, Tin, mercury lead

2. Anagrams of the 4 major compass points

3. Illinois

4. Claude Monet

5. Christmas tree

6. Pygmy shrew

7. Native Australian berry / bush tucker

8. sneezing

9. Tinky-Winky, La-La, Dipsy, Po

10. Chad Morgan


11. Architecture / town planning

12. “pick me up” or “lift me up”

13. Chicken & mushrooms

14. South

15. La Rosa di Bagdad aka The Rose of Baghdad aka The Singing Princess

16. Mahomet

17. Thunderbirds (“Brains”)

18. Captain Marvel

19. Ellery Queen books / novels / titles

20. Sir Hubert Wilkins

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