“Mixed Bag” April 2013 Questions

1. How long is the land border between Victoria and Tasmania?


2. Each of these groups of words can become new words by adding the same word after them in each case.

For example, “out, set, draw, cut” all form a new word when you add “back”. The answer would therefore be “back”

Find the appropriate add-on word which will turn each of these sets of words into a new set.

a)      Hot, hammer, fore, over

b)     Home, house, fire, team

c)      High, sun, night, spot

d)     Gear, post, ice, juke


3. What is Canada’s major Pacific Coast city?


4. When did New Zealand and Australia separate?

A. 25 million years ago

B. 50 million years ago

C. 75 million years ago


5. In which Ocean are the islands of Saipan and Tinian?


6. Who is Australia’s only Nobel Prize winner for literature?


7. Which Australian exploration venture is associated with the Dig Tree?


8. Where in your body do you find rods and cones?


9. Which Australian Prime Minister said of the opposition leader

“He’s like a shiver looking for a spine to run up”?


10. What are the nicknames of the two Spice Girls called Mel?


Answers HERE

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