May 2017 Logic & Maths Problems

1. Suzie just could not tell the truth while her friend Samantha (the nice one) just could not tell a lie. The one on the left pointed to her friend and announced “She said she is Suzie!
Who is the lady on the left?

2. How do you write the number thirteen in binary form?

3. Lenny, Lance, Lulu, and Laura enjoy a good game of tug-of-war every time they visit the beach. Lance can out-pull Lenny and Lulu together. Lance and Lenny together match up evenly against Laura and Lulu, but if Lulu and Lenny switch places, then Laura and Lenny can win easily. Name the four beachgoers in order of how strong they are.

4. A prisoner is sentenced to life in prison. He is desperate to escape, but the cell door is heavily barred and well-guarded. The floor is soft earth, and he finds he can dig easily with his bare hands, but it is useless to try to tunnel out because the walls which are made of concrete extend deep into the ground. The only opening is a small skylight in the middle of the ceiling, but it is just out of reach. The jail is absolutely bare, and there is nothing to stand on to reach the ceiling. Yet he manages to escape.

5. What is the sum of the numbers on a clock face?

6. You’ve just purchased your first new home. When you arrive to beginning moving in, you discover that the builder forgot something. Being a self-reliant sort of person, you decide to finish the job yourself. You stroll down to the local hardware store and find exactly what you need at a price you can afford. The hardware store charges perfectly reasonable prices for the items; 7 will cost $1.00, 10 will cost $2.00, and 100 will cost $3.00. As it happens, you need 880, which also costs $3.00.
These items could likely be found at any hardware store, and at your average home.
What did the builder forget?

7. A mother’s age in years and her daughter’s age have digits in reverse order. Last year, the mother was twice as old as the daughter. What are their ages?

8. This diagram represents a firm’s cabinet of pigeon-holes for leaving messages for its six employees, Alan, Bob. Carl, Dave, Ed and Frank.

Alan’s pigeonhole is directly to the right of Carl’s in the row above Ed’s.
Bob’s and Frank’s pigeonhole are not adjacent in any direction – vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
Carl’s and Dave’s pigeonholes are as far from each other as possible.
Carl’s and Bob’s pigeonholes are on different levels.
List the names of the men with the bottom three pigeonholes in order from left to right.

9. Three painters from three different companies were painting a billboard. The men had three different last names: Red, Blue and Green. The three companies they came from had the same names as the workers. As they were painting, they started talking. “It is funny that all of our last names are different from our companies’ names.” said Mr. Red. “Yes, very strange.” replied the man from Blue & Co.
Who worked for which company?

10. If the colour of each ball indicates its value, and the total value of each of four strings of five balls is shown here, what is the total value of string (a) and string (b) respectively?


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