May 2013 Cryptic Crossword

by Roy Arnott

33 Crossword May 2013 Grid

Click on the grid to enlarge and download.

3. Blanc urban contains admonition to limit
6. Nag a ram to create this
9. Sounds like a girl on a coral reef
13. See 173 Down
15. Applaud STD
16. Any way you look at it, I am in trouble
17. From the South and French but stable
19. & 93 Down & 109 Across & 9 Down: Could accra moan? Change and work for Yankee dollar. (Four Words)
20. Sailor works it out and forgives
21. Steel kit holds deer
22. Tee lad becomes over-joyed
23. What a dish!
25. It is never successful; for, if it is, who shall call it such?
26. Skilled flier has pitch to remove nail polish
28. Tin mineral a sleep noise
31. Shift your loins, they are dangerous
33. Two thousand for Military Medal
36. Sailor on overtime. It is on the cards.
38. Sounds like a place for James to work out
39. Big Laura adjusts for European country
42. See 50 Down
46. Back a month to find root vegetable
48. Payout to last man standing without a prong is a weighty matter
49. Short obituary, dead, is flattened at the Poles
51. Scrambled ova died – kept away from
55. Rethink a veto to produce egg shape
57. Even dice can produce this
59. Modified faucet is appropriate
61. Step sick turn critical
63. Two way communication device
64. Beliefs incorporate 100 wood winds
66. Female relative twisted – a bit fishy
68. & 93 Down & 160 Across: Under the influence of two composers? (Three words)
70. Taxi dealers have a notion
72. Slice to the East, pretty.
74. Chap from ancient city is pressing
77. Fashionable weak link to pervade
78. Notice this place – stick to it
80. Oz tram composed for composer
82. Vegetable goes to church and becomes fruit
84. See 132 Across
85. Ruminant mammal sounds expensive
86. Notice in the morning for first man
87. Cried for extended play in wireless telegraphy
90. Academic soft plan
91. About nothing?
92. State with distant imaginary number make a trek.
95. Soft fastener – hedging?
97. Check out girl at trendy shop?
98. US state, soft, a tear.
99. “Engage” – would it measure these for printers?
100. Senior officer solitary in topographical feature
102. Torn from flood, finds rocky hill.
104. & 123 Across: Rabbi deterred Smetana composition (Two Words)
105. Twisted beam of light on the floor in Sweden
106. Screw conflict study
109. See 19 Across
110. Three brigades make a carve up
113. See 152 Across
114. Loud drunk loaded
115. Cutaneous start to slice
116. Would this Melbourne uni offer general studies?
120. Dried fruit less quiet reveals ancient writing
122. Slurry extractor has a place for catcher.
123. See 104 Across
124. Palindromic time
126. See 132 Across
127. See 24 Down
129. South American in calcium
131. Buddhist structure put back within State
132. & 126 Across & 84 Across: Aerial modified ordinal space (Three Words)
133. Mexican wave
134. Professional weight particle
140. Make a noise when salary taken back
141. Preposition backward casual thanks
142. Over dimensional possessive makes a smell
144. Apparatus designer sound asleep
146. Redo as redo loves
149. Object to wind
150. Sheep going in both directions
151. Sounds like stick in line.
152. & 93 Down & 113 Across: Plumbing set up makes music (Three Words)
156. Sodium on jetty for log man
158. Reading material for ammunition storage
160. See 68 Across
161. Condition of herb?
163. Stooge found in sulphur on the mountain
165. What’s in a name? Call it after me.
166. Sister includes first woman in the cut
167. We hear borrowing is on its own.
168. Take the queen out of circulation for death notice
169. In favour of silicate mineral for bench top
172. Ascending? Set it to music!
174. Lab mop used for self assurance
176. “I” and/or “M”.
179. One foot arch for soldiers on the march
182. Emptor caveat contains a warning for dangerous marine mammal.
183. Brandishes weapon for author
184. Colourants lacking a start? Positive!
185. Rage at chlorine is a noisy mistake
186. See 97 Down


1. Opts to vary to come to a halt
2. Measure of gravity for fire place
3. Copper disturbed air, in the Vatican
4. Era designator found in Canada
5. Hot tub at church – room to move
6. Change vegetables on the other side of the transept
7. Eponymous key
8. Sailor to stop credit chits to become non-drinker
9. See 19 Across
10. Requests drop a hundred from wine containers
11. The back leg is sticky
12. Cat divide is habit forming
13. Bookie not well – declare positions vacant.
14. Sea food for solitary sailor
16. Fortune teller gives direction the Queen
17. Dispatched but sounds like a bit of a smell
18. Opposite over adjacent for dark skin
24. & 127 Across: Metal rod for turning tool – OR a pub for British soldiers (Two words)
27. Her Majesty, with gravity, shows force
28. Product of acid and base goes to sea.
29. Disturbing moan indicates Sultanate
30. Taro machine smells inside
32. Quiet hail cuts close
34. Fairy Queen suffers a reversal in coma bed.
35. Does up changes but is not real
37. Ranked tennis player heard to surrender
40. Butter: rearrange Roman garment
41. A British museum donates for beggar
43. Woman loses end, has sex change.
44. The end of a reaction
45. Detective Inspector at church is a gambling device
47. Weighty service
50. & 42 Across: Left Beethoven girl for AFL team (Two Words)
52. Contents of wood acetone are fishy
53. Dined in great event
54. To decline is rubbish
56. Art form with poetry to swing the gun around
58. Architectural feature where a girl took a twisted hand.
60. To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled on behalf a single petitioner confessed unworthy (Bierce)
62. Chlorine with unbiased estimator provides evidence
65. Forecast, lose the start and issue ruling.
67. Trick adjusted for operator
69. Pretend pig meat? Sleep on it.
71. Dorothy makes a point
72. Copper and phosphorus vessel
73. Take refreshments in a State assembly
75. Proceed to New Guinea for a medal
76. Army Design Establishment is reduced to a suffix
78. Tim is back to common era – confesses
79. The period changed to reveal ancient Greek ladies
81. Bit of old saint around the hotel –government model?
83. Should be avoided like the plague
87. A wry rant provides a guarantee
88. Tide going back? Make changes.
89. For tying assorted pores
90. Bird to spoil metal
92. Observe a thousand in the search
93. See 19 Across OR 68 Across OR 152 Across
94. Biblical King took the sun and changed the moon
95. Pursue one’s trade in timber veneer
96. Promise to the Spanish for letter type
97. & 186 Across: Sacramental prejudice (Two Words)
101. 2.71828 attached to gunners for an age
103. Echinaceae worked for this dwarf: (but it was in a fairy story!)
107. Oxidation on the intercom – a rural outcome.
108. Melbourne University, thus, is tonal
110. Put on tonic note – what an ass
111. Fish, chopped at each end, contents rearranged, makes it possessive
112. American soldier with worker is huge
117. The stakes are before
118. Personal spirit sounds fishy
119. Macho person has a wish for a favourable outcome
121. Bad song from opera is sickening
123. Musical group sounds like it is barred
125. Sodium aroma is freshly developing
127. It’s Welsh, lad
128. Fruit distorted? It’s a crime.
129. Not much, according to the Greeks
130. Loco, even when modified, cannot start – not fired up.
131. I cannot make this any simpler
135. Female in infantry unit is more foolhardy.
136. Cross word from person in charge of burial vault
137. A hundred and one are solid
138. Bad habit has a grip
139. Copy extracted from paper
143. Work in Latin
145. Chase without uranium for a prize
147. Of French aluminium- make a fight of it
148. & 162 Down: Expectorating icon
153. Raven’s poet
154. Sulphur immediately for cold precipitation
154. May changed 50 with nitrate – goes with a bang
157. Nitre reformed to become stable
158. Distinguishes Mr Morris’ son
159. Al blog goes international
160. Take the device back for booty
162. See 148 Down
163. Soak up prescribed way of doing things
164. Shoal produces light rings
167. Last letter inlay is idle
169. King in the mist – amphibian
170. Rain distorted for the country
171. Snare string traps god of war
173. & 13 Across: Sink the slipper into race official
175. Master of Ceremonies takes a hundred to form sporting club
177. Knock back for equality
178. Twist top, choose.
180. An American contemptible person cries.
181. Opus lacking a start creates a morbid discharge


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