March 2016 Logic & Maths Problems



I have some pencils and some jars.
If I put 4 pencils into each jar I will have one jar left over.
If I put 3 pencils into each jar I will have one pencil left over.
How many pencils and how many jars?

2. Daniel can paint a house in three days. His apprentice takes six days to paint the same house. How long will it take if they work together?

3. fruit-643165_960_720 If four bananas plus three oranges plus two apples cost $1.45
Three bananas plus two oranges plus four apples cost $1.30
One banana plus four oranges plus three apples cost $1.30
What is the total cost of one banana plus one orange plus one apple?

4. One half of a certain number plus one quarter of the same number equals three less than the number. What is the number?

5. In a certain competition, each team plays each other team three times during the season.

Untitled Capture-03

If 45 games are played, how many teams are there?
6. Eight times a certain number exceeds half that number by 15. What’s the number?

7. How many…
Untitled Capture-01

8. Joe purchases coffee for his restaurant at $30 per bag. He can make 60 cups of coffee from a bag. How much should he charge per cup in order to make 100% profit?

9. You have a box containing ten chocolates.
You have ten friends.
You give each friend one chocolate
At the end, there is still one chocolate left in the box.

10. islands-illustration-set-many-47455985There are two islands situated close to each other in the middle of the ocean. The inhabitants of one island always tell the truth, and those of the other island always lie.

You are on one of the islands, and meet three Islanders. You ask the first which island they are from and he indicates that the other two Islanders are from the same Island. You ask the second Islander the same question, and he also indicates that the other two Islanders are from the same island.

What is the third Islander’s answer to the same question?


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