September 2012 Logic & Maths Puzzles

September 2012 Logic & Maths Puzzles


Four lesser-known kings of Quirkania were named Lester. Each had a nickname; and each is vaguely remembered for introducing something to the country that was previously unknown.

i. Lester The Sad reigned before the introduction of taxation, but after the wearing of bicycle clips became mandatory.

ii. Lester IV was either “The Weird”, or the one who introduced ukeleles to the national orchestra, or both.

iii. Lester The Dull was neither the first nor the last Lester to reign.

iv. Lester The Fat didn’t introduce bicycle clips.

v. The one who introduced Yo Yos to court wasn’t Lester the Sad.

Who introduced Yo Yos to court, and what was his nickname?

This grid might help. (click to enlarge & download)



I have a number of eggs. If I try to arrange them in threes, I have one egg left over. If I try to arrange them in fives, I have two eggs left over. If I try to arrange them in sevens, I have three eggs left over.

What is the minimum number of eggs that I must therefore have?


Four of the five shapes below can be pieced together to form a square.

Which is odd one out?


A darts player scores 83 with three darts hitting a treble, a double and a single (no bulls). Given that the three numbers that he hits add up to 36 and the difference between the largest and smallest numbers is 16, can you work out how his score was made up?

IF the following statements are true:
No men who like movies play scrabble.
All men who use a deodorant play scrabble.
Then is this statement True or False?
No men who use a deodorant like movies.

A man needs to go through a train tunnel. He starts through the tunnel and when he gets 1/4 the way through the tunnel, he hears the train whistle behind him.
*You don’t know how far away the train is from the tunnel.,
*You don’t know how fast the train is going.
*You don’t know how fast the man can run.
All you know is that:
*If the man turns around and runs back the way he came, he will just barely make it out of the tunnel alive before the train hits   him.
*If the man keeps running through the tunnel, he will also just barely make it out of the tunnel alive before the train hits him.

Assume the man runs at the same speed whether he goes back to the start or continues on through the tunnel. Also assume that he accelerates to his top speed instantaneously. Assume the train misses him by an infinitesimal amount and all those other reasonable assumptions that go along with puzzles like this!
How fast is the train going compared to the man?

Daniel, my son, is exactly one fifth of my age. In 21 years time, I will be exactly twice his age. My wife is exactly seven times older than our daughter, Jessica.
In 8 years time, my wife will be three times older than Jessica.
When we first met, (on our mutual birthday) my wife’s age was 72% of mine.
How many years ago was that?

Five teams in a competition play each other twice.
The top two teams then play best of seven for the premiership.
What is the minimum number of games required to get a winner?


3 Responses to September 2012 Logic & Maths Puzzles

  1. Hi,
    An interesting mix of puzzles, some i got straight away and some I am still scratching my head about. I especially liked question 8 and was going off into fractions and stuff, i solved it when I started drawing pictures heh. Anyway have you ever heard of Vedic maths? It was rediscovered a while back but was derided by victorians (strangely enough) as being nonsense. I have looked at it myself and the maths appears to hold up. Which basically means we are being taught the hard way to do maths. Check it out and see for yourselves if it holds up (go for the always works rules, not the short-cuts)

    • keng2 says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your kind words. If you’re still scratching your head, you’re allowed to peek at the answers!

      I’ve had a look at your site (Top Mark Maths, hot-linked above). Is there a “Vedic Maths for Dummies”?

      October’s Logic and Maths Problems will be published in the next few days, along with the monthly crossword, picture puzzles and Mixed Bag Puzzles.

      Meanwhile, there are some good Logic & Maths puzzles sprinkled among the last couple of years of Mixed Bag problems. Go to Puzzles, then scroll down to Archives 1, 2 &3.

      A classic train/tunnel problem: A 1 km long train enters a 1 km long tunnel at a constant 60 km/hr. How long will it take for the train to clear the tunnel?

  2. Hello, thanks for your response, firstly train = 2 minutes to clear the tunnel heh.
    secondly watch the video here:

    and that should give you a glimpse into Vedic maths, it deals with 2 and 3 digit multiplication. These are the general rules that always work, there are some other examples out there that work very well in specific cases, for instance if one of the numbers end in 5, but this covers all numbers

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