June 2013 Logic & Maths Problems – Solutions

1. One chance in six or 5:1

2. Ms Blue is wearing pink; Ms Green is wearing blue; Ms Pink is wearing green

3. 54 cents

4. Six people

5. 9 games

6. 4,2,5,3

7. 40 cards

8. 40 cards

Note that the answer 40 would be correct for any number of decks.

9. The daughter’s ages are 8, 3 and 3 and the house number is 14.

The key lies in the fact that the census taker would already  know the house number, so if he still doesn’t know the girl’s ages after working out the three possible factors of 72 that add up to the house number, it must be because there’s more than one possibility.

The only factors of 72 that have the same sum are 2 X 6 X 6  and 3 X 3 X 8 . The sum in each case is 14. Once the census taker knows that there is one eldest daughter (not twins), the correct ages must be 3, 3 and 8.

10. Six hours

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