June 2012 Crossword – Cryptic Clues


1. Traditionally it does your back in, but it can be a pain in the neck

4. Dog tag in the grave is a fabulous beast

7. Value added to saint for huge result

10. Silicon morning direction finds cat

12. Memorial loses disturbed track. Make a note.

13. Clock spasm?

14. Male swine without note push the boat out

16. To Georgia for Roman clobber

18. Posh hotel removes arsenic but becomes a rock pile

20. Makes a blue for heraldry

22. Sell stuff without note. Record it.

24. Rendered redundant when wheels were fixed to rubbish bins.

26. & 50 Down. A warsted sow produces mustela utterances (Two words)

29. It can top off or start batting

30. Victoria was not when radio band utilised

34. Racial distortion for sacker of Rome

36. Spin rum cyano to take the piss

39. Twisted Turkish chieftan is an extra

40. It remains after the study is taken from the study of the history of words

41. Party to a direction. It is finished.

42. Queen takes in 51 and 11 for a remedy

44. Shaken yew oil missing 50 for mythical creature

46. An Engineer’s trench to be done without delay.

48. State public service makes Engineers’ trenches

51. & 33 Down. Ken and vino for discredited pseudo-historian (two words)

52. Twisted torn patinae are needed like a hole in the head

53. State of French to move through water

55. Arts graduate with US soldier leads to a hundred for occult manipulation of reality

56. Witch camp for member of pagan religion after missing politician and ordinal number suffix.

57. Sounds like dimension is disappointing

58. Disturbed eels in kites are moved by magic

60. Observation post with time to choose

61. Verb to be goes back for a time

63. Clothing, small and large, in distress

65. Sis erupts makes childhood disease: Not something Meryl could be proud of.

68. Rate of doing work without the Queen for victims of war.

71. Fatty without a King is not difficult

72. Target of pickers

73. Koel Skivvy is a mixed-up catastrophist

74. Heroic tale short of a hundred is around

75. It enables one to see, the flower.

76. If it had four fewer letters it could still  cause fear


1. State illegal betting – has a sting

2. Change the spa map to find South American plains

3. Small abrasion gives rise to make solemn oath

5. A bit of a bummer – but not really a study of English TV lawyer.

6. Blessed are the cheese makers, for all will be revealed

7. Was she in the station and museum businesses?

8. Part of fuse arrangement to provide mechanism to fire weapon.

9. Printer has the measure

11. Sounds like a single spirit

13. Worker entered backward art for religious ritual

15. Elimination of water craft from scope of remark gets the eye moving

17. Huge neon sign contains biological marker.

19. “Dozer mate is mine” with pruning gives an account of struggle with Sons of Yeti.

21. Eastern meditative philosophy meets the Queen to direct current flow.

23. Bungy platform contains a fraud

25. We will all go together when we go.

28. Explosive substitution for these years

31. It is all, but sounds like part

32. Act twice but become extinct

33. See 51 across

35. Palindromic expression of mirth

37. Doctor to the west to cut grass

38. She was born that way

39. Note not going west for animal

43. It is all Greek by me but I don’t know Greek.

45. Musical group loses 500 and becomes a refusal.

47. Sounds like a site for fish

48. Papers corrected for tunneller

49. Confused radio pilea. I’m hearing things

50. See 26 across

53. We are off to see him.

54. DC Current in Washington

55. A million donkeys for the great unwashed public.

56. Send a message with direction and anger

57. Lapse to become plant part

59. Remedy from epicure leaves it near

62. Dried plums without an opening are alpha characters

64. All correct includes a note for timber

66. So, sounds unwell

67. Breakfast cereal re-arranged for Greek verandah

68. Rate for a thousand is an employee benefit

69. Wireless Institute and illegal bookie are but a thin streak

70. Nothing to toss back for Laumer’s vehicle

73. Six Echo to try

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