January 2017 Logic & Maths Problems

1. Bill has $10 more than Joe. Fred has half as much money as Joe and $14 less than Bill. How much money in total do Bill, Fred and Joe have between them?

2. A common Australian saying is “Three quarters of five eighths of sfa”. What is the value of this term if s, f and a all equal four?

3. Fred has just sailed his boat around the world. Which part of his boat has travelled the furthest?

4. 2446216620_272a805da4_bAt a recent visit to the reptile house at a local zoo, I counted a total of 27 heads and 70 feet. I was counting snakes, lizards and people. There were twice as many lizards as there were people.
(a) How many snakes were there?
(b) How many lizards were there?
(c) How many people were there?

5. What is the minimum number of ducks that suits this description?
“Two ducks in front of two other ducks, two ducks behind two other ducks and two ducks beside two other ducks”

6. Assign every letter of the alphabet a number so that A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on. The word CAB would then be worth 3 + 1 + 2 = 6
Now arrange these vegetables from lowest score to highest; carrot, cabbage, leek, pea

7. Tweedledum and Tweedledee (“Dum” and “Dee” for short) look alike, but Dum lies on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, whereas Dee lies on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They both tell the truth on Sunday. You come upon the two of them on four different days of the week, and they make the following statements. In each case, determine who is who, and what day it is. The first one is an example.

8. Three days ago, yesterday was the day before Sunday. What day will it be tomorrow?

9. Ann bought a set of furniture. The bill was seventy dollars.
She gave the salesman what she thought were two $50 notes, (actually two $100 notes).
The salesman was sleepy and didn’t notice either, so he gave Ann what he thought were three $10 notes (actually three $50 notes).
Who ended up better off than they should, and by how much?

10. photo-album-959331_1280Stephanie was looking through the family photograph album, which has a photo of each of her parents, each of her grandparents, and so on all the way up to each of her great-great-great-grandparents.
How many photos is that?


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