January 2016 Logic & Maths Puzzles

1. Alex is twice Bill’s age and one year older than Charlie
Charlie is four years older than Bill.
How old are Alex, Charlie and Bill?
(Whole years only)

2. I have a certain amount of money invested. Every year I lose 10% up front in taxes and charges. I then make 11% per annum clear profit on the remainder. Will I end up gaining or losing money in the long term?

3. The cost of an article , GST inclusive is $9.57. What is the cost before GST? (GST or Goods And Services Tax is currently 10% in Australia)

4. Six teams in a competition play each other once only. How many games are there?

5. A plane takes off from Town A and flies due north for 90 km. It then changes course and flies due west for 120km before landing at town B How far is town B from town A, measured in a straight line?

6. Which of these four shapes is odd one out?
odd one out

7. A spherical water tank is a metre in diameter. How much water can it hold when full? Approximately
50 litres
100 litres
500 litres
1000 litres

8. A cube has a total surface area of 1 square metre. How many such cubes, glued in a line face to face would make a shape with a total surface area of 3 square metres?

9. A farmer lives with his wife and two children on a property which has chickens and cows (all normal!)
Between the farmer, his family, his chickens and his cows there
are 22 heads and 60 feet. How many cows are there?

10. If it takes you 6 minutes to cut a pipe into two pieces, how long would it take you to cut it into 5 pieces?


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