January 2015 Logic & Maths Problems

1. Untitled Capture-01
Which direction will each weight travel (up or down) when the cogwheel on the right is turned anti-clockwise?

2. A man decides to have a day out and get fit at the same time by setting off from home on a bike. He rides toward his intended destination at 9 km per hour. However, during the ride he sustains a puncture which he quickly realises he cannot repair, so he wheels the bike home at 3 km per hour.
Given that he was away from home for eight hours, how far in km did he get before he had to return?

3. What is the total number of rectangles in this figure?
Untitled Capture-02

4. Untitled Capture-03
A bar is divided into four equal intervals and set to balance at the middle. Weights of 15 g, 12 g and 24 g are placed on the bar in the positions shown. What weight will be required at position Z to balance the bar?

5. Untitled Capture-04
The picture shows a frictionless pulley, a weightless rope, a monkey at one end of the rope and a weight at the other end that has exactly the same mass as the monkey. What (if anything) will happen to the weight if the monkey climbs up the rope?

6. A tramp can use the tobacco from five cigarette butts to roll one new cigarette. How many cigarettes can he make from twenty-five cigarette butts?

7. Somebody at a party introduces you to your mother’s only sister’s husband’s sister–in-law. He has no brothers. What is this lady to you?

8. Untitled Capture-05
Which of the six cubes shown can be made by folding this net?

9. A toy boat is floating in a swimming pool.
Untitled Capture-06
Which will raise the level of the water in the pool higher?
a. dropping a 50 cent coin in the boat
b. dropping a 50 cent coin in the pool
c. both will raise the water level the same amount

10. Untitled Capture-07
What is the total number of triangles in the above figure?


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