January 2015 Logic & Maths Problems – Solutions

1. “A” will rise and “B” will descend.
2. 18 km
3. 22
4. 9 gram
5. the weight will rise.
6. six cigarettes
7. your mother
8. cube 6
9. a. Dropping a coin in the boat
10. nine triangles

4 Responses to January 2015 Logic & Maths Problems – Solutions

  1. Frank Collins says:

    OK, all of them are fairly straightforward but Q 6 with 6 fags (cigarettes, not faggots with which to start a fire, for all those who aren’t familiar with both correct and colloquial English). That has lost me.
    Q 5 should say the displacement of the COG of the monkey will be the same as the COG of the weight.
    Q 9 should make reference to density or specific gravity as an explanation.
    Q 7 is the silly one; someone introduces you to your own mother? Is this some new dating game for those with different interests?

    • keng2 says:

      Thanks for your comments, Frank.

      Q6: With twenty-five butts, the tramp can roll five cigarettes. When they are smoked, he will have five new butts- sufficient for another cigarette.

      Q7: People are being introduced to their own mothers all the time; nothing silly in that.

      Q5 and Q9. You are suggesting that all solutions should come with a technical explanation. Maybe you are right and I am just being lazy; or maybe it’s better for me to just supply the correct solution, and if the reader is really intrigued, her or she will learn more by doing their own follow-up.

  2. Frank Collins says:

    “Q7: People are being introduced to their own mothers all the time; nothing silly in that.” Really, you know that for a fact?
    We must mix in very different circles because I can not recall that ever happening in my 59 years.

    • keng2 says:

      You’re a mere babe, Frank. Because of your callow youthfulness you’ve missed out on an enormous amount of follow-up reunion activity in regard to The Stolen Generation as well as a plethora of children of single mothers who were pretty much mandatorily adopted out and have subsequently as adults met their birth mothers as a result of much investigation. I don’t know what circles you mix in, Frank, but you need to get out more. Try Skeptics Cafe at La Notte Restaurant every third Monday of the month!

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