February 2015 Logic & Maths Problems

1. One day at a school camp, one twelfth of the group spent the afternoon fishing, and four times as many went horse-riding. One half went swimming. The remaining six children played tennis. How many children were attending the camp?

2. How many rectangles are in this figure? Hint: It’s more than twelve!
Untitled Capture-01

3. Untitled Capture-02 The Smith Family and the Jones family go on a picnic together.
Mr and Mrs Smith each have three daughters, and so do Mr and Mrs Jones. Each of the daughters has one brother.
How many people at the picnic?


4. Untitled Capture-03
What is the minimum number of balls that it is necessary to move to turn the arrangement on the left into the arrangement on the right?

5. Bill has $10 more than Joe. Fred has half as much money as Joe and $14 less than Bill. How much money in total do Bill, Fred and Joe have between them?

6. Tommy wants to save $30 to buy his mum a gift. On day 1 he puts 10 cents in his piggy bank, on day 2 a further 20 cents, on day 3 a further 30 cents and so on. Following this pattern, on which day will he reach his savings goal?

7. What are the next two letters in the following sequence?

W, A, T, N, T, L, I, T, __ , __

8. Farmer Joe came to town with some watermelons. He sold half of them plus half a melon, and had one melon left over. How many melons did he bring?

9. Amanda and Krystal have 14 lollies (sweets, pieces of candy) between them. If Amanda had twice as many lollies as she does now she would have one more than Krystal has now. How many lollies do they each have?

10. Daniel can paint a house in three days. His apprentice takes six days to paint the same house. How long will it take if they work together?


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