February 2013 Crossword

by Ken Greatorex

30 Feb 2013 crossword grid

(click to enlarge and download)



1             NE Vic Town, site of 2003 bushfires, which hosts an annual Water Divining Challenge  (So good, they named it twice!)

7             What they keep the Covenant in (all over Ethiopia.)

11           Ritualised fight between gentlemen. Also first Spielberg Movie.

12           Proscription.

13           Abrade, as of corn.

16           To eye amorously. To perve, in other words.

17           In relation to. (abb.)

18           Arthurian Chalice.

20           Head-and-shoulders sculpture.

22           Consume.

24           Verbal Articulation.

26           The Three Wise Men.

28           Of a satisfactory  standard.

29           Metallic element denoted by the symbol Sn.

30           Aged.

31           A small piece of guidance from Nostradamus in 4 lines.

34           The kind of alternative medicine where less is more.

37           Cut with scissors.

38           We. (In passive case)

39           Female sheep. (subject of 16 across in NZ?)

40           What Uri and his spoons are.

41           Sacred Ancient Egyptian beetle. Used in jewellery.

42           Thus.

43           The Lion.

44           What we think with. (Or perhaps not.)

45           This Amazing  Skeptical guru upset Don Lane.

46           The craft of Divining as practised in 1 across.


2             Strong taste or flavour.

3             Image which is the object of worship.

4             Pull.

5             Long distance form of communication with better rates than Telstra.

6             The amber fluid.

7             A pastime which visiting aliens apparently really enjoy.

8             Sun god.

9             Grannies and broken bones do this.

10           Monster with a voracious appetite.

14           Bundle of paper.

15           Celtic Priest.

19           Many of us are sceptical about fighting a war here.

20           Exist.

21           Calf-bone.

23           A view about existence in Chinese philosophy.

24           Aerated or mineral bath.

25           To make a mistake.

27           Cemented.

32           U.F.O. Central!

33           A right to chose.

34           Colour.

35           Ancient structure , speculation upon which has created a modern industry.

36           Scientology’s founder

37           Indian stringed musical instrument.

41           Settee.

42           Astrological Predeterminant.

44           Front of a ship.


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