December 2016 Mixed Bag Questions – Answers

1. Copenhagen

2. Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales

3. B. Where are you going?

4. Gene Autry

5. Princess Margaret of the UK

6. 1% (actually slightly less)

7. Rudyard Kipling

8. Bone Marrow

9. I Wanna Be Your Man

10. Eight; Melbourne, Munich, Montreal, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro


11. Vienna

12. Be born in Antarctica

13. He shot himself practicing quick-drawing against the snowman

14. Voiced Harry Potter when Daniel Radcliffe’s voice broke

15. Airey’s Inlet

16. The other members of Roald Amundsen’s team which first reached the South Pole

17. He was a glover (made gloves)

18. Last person in England to be burnt at the stake (for coining)

19. 14

20. Queen Margarethe II of Denmark

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