April 2014 Logic & Maths Puzzles

April 2014 Logic & Maths Puzzles

1. If 29 frogs can catch 29 flies in 29 minutes, how many frogs are required to catch 87 flies in 87 minutes? (Assuming their appetite for flies remains undiminished!)

2.Untitled Capture-01

3. Untitled Capture-02 In the specially refrigerated building of a zoo, the two most popular exhibits are the penguins and the huskies.Untitled Capture-02a
Between those two exhibits there are 72 heads and 200 legs.

How many penguins are there?
How many huskies are there?

4. A player scores 77 with three darts, hitting a treble, a double and a single (no bulls).
Given that the three numbers that she hits add up to 41 and that the difference between the largest and smallest numbers is 12, how is is score made up?
Please write your answer in the form Treble = _ , Double = _, Single = _.

5. A marksman averaged 22 points for his first 10 rounds. After another 20 rounds his average had increased to 34 points. What was his average for the last 20 rounds?

6. In a certain fruit shop on a certain day, Shopper A purchased 3 apples, 6 bananas and a cantaloupe, while Shopper B purchased 4 apples, 3 bananas and 2 cantaloupes. Shoppers A and B both paid $5.10 each.
Shopper C bought an apple, while Shopper D bought a banana. Shopper D paid 20 cents more than Shopper C.

What was the price for each apple, each banana and each canteloupe?

7. Untitled Capture-03
This is a physics question.
Imagine a stationary red rubber ball in space. A green rubber ball of the same size and mass travelling at high speed from left to right collides with it “dead centre”.
Assuming there is no energy loss, which of the following best describes
the expected result: “A”, “B” or “C” ?

A. The green ball will stop dead. The red ball will fly off to the right at high speed.
B. The red ball will fly off to the right. The green ball will follow, but more slowly.
C. The red ball will fly off to the right at half the green ball’s original speed; the green ball will rebound to the left at half its original speed.

8. Untitled Capture-05
The above picture represents two cubes, each seen from three different angles. For each cube, state how many black rubber bands have been stretched around it.
The answer in each case may be one or more.

9. Untitled Capture-06
How many times can you find sequence A in the large square?
You can rotate the sequence to find a match, but you can’t reflect it.

10. What is the smallest whole number that is equal to seven times the sum of its digits?


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