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The latest edition of Australian Skeptics Stuff For Teachers CD contains:

* Classrom discussion material for Astrology, Bible Codes, Cold Reading, Conspiracy Theories, Creationism v Evolution, Firewalking, Free Energy, Homeopathy, Intelligent Design, the Assassination of JF Kennedy, King Arthur, Life in the Universe, Numerology, Talking to the Dead, Tarot, The Age of the Earth, The Moon Landings, The Pyramids, Scientific Method, the Evolution of the Human Eye and Water Divining (Dowsing).

* The Darwin Day Suite of written classroom exercises to help you celebrate February 12, Charles Darwin’s birthday in your classroom.

*Practical Classroom Exercises and Experiments to promote enquiry, critical thinking and The Scientific method.

*Posters, Signs and Illusions

*Crosswords: topics include Solids, Liquids and Gases,  Science Equipment, Chemical Reactions, Electricity and The Pyramids for Junior Secondary students, Astronomy for Intemediate students and The Digestive System and Cell Organelles for Senior Biology classes.

* Videos: Brian Dunning ‘s Here Be Dragons and The Australian Skeptics Bed of Nails

* On-Line Resource List. Several pages of direct links to useful sites on the internet.

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The Fossil Record – What Gaps? DVD

DVD for sale

Presented by Dr John Long (Former Head of Science, Museum Victoria, now at the Natural History Museum in California) This DVD, a project of Vic Skeptics, is available at $12 per copy inc. postage.

Enquire by email:

OR phone 1800 666 996

OR orders can be placed by post.

Send cheque, school invoice or money order to:

Australian Skeptics (Victorian Branch) Inc

PO Box 5166

Melbourne 3001


On the basis of content, professionalism and entertainment value, there are several people whose school presentations we are happy to endorse.

One of the more interesting people on the planet, Lynne Kelly is a Science and Physics teacher – turned – author. Her books include A Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal. She is currently researching her PhD thesis on Stonehenge. A talented magician, she has also been described as “Australia’s Best Cold Reader”.

Spoon Bending, Fire Walking, a Bed of Nails, Water Divining; how do you use the scientific method to investigate and explain these strange and amazing claims? The Mystery Investigators show provides a context that will help motivate your students and increase the potential for learning. This is achieved by demonstrating scientific concepts in a fun and fascinating way by testing paranormal phenomena. The Mystery Investigators school science show is hosted by Richard Saunders and Dr Rachel Dunlop.

Trevor Hand’s shows use real items, reproductions or scale models to allow students to see the subject with their own eyes. Hands on Meteorites and Hands on Dinosaurs are available to primary and secondary schools in the state of Victoria. Depending on the talk presented, students can see real material from the Moon, the planet Mars, one of the minor planets such as Vesta, or genuine teeth from dinosaurs and reproduction skulls from various early human ancestors.

Simon Taylor’s  shows don’t end at the final curtain because there are lingering conversations along the lines of “How did he do that?”  Simon is a highly adept magician. He was winner of the Adelaide Magic Covention (2009). Simon is also a gifted entertainer, whose shows allow his audience members to learn more about why they think and behave the way they do.

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The Bad Science Show is a fun and entertaining curriculum based science show for secondary students that explores suspect science, strange discoveries and weird claims. Performed by award winning science communicator and entertainer Nicholas J. Johnson, The Bad Science Show is the perfect introduction to critical thinking and the practical application of scientific thinking outside of the classroom environment.

Science Talent Search

Science Drama Awards

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