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The latest edition of Australian Skeptics Stuff For Teachers CD contains:

* Classrom discussion material for Astrology, Bible Codes, Cold Reading, Conspiracy Theories, Creationism v Evolution, Firewalking, Free Energy, Homeopathy, Intelligent Design, the Assassination of JF Kennedy, King Arthur, Life in the Universe, Numerology, Talking to the Dead, Tarot, The Age of the Earth, The Moon Landings, The Pyramids, Scientific Method, the Evolution of the Human Eye and Water Divining (Dowsing).

* The Darwin Day Suite of written classroom exercises to help you celebrate February 12, Charles Darwin’s birthday in your classroom.

*Practical Classroom Exercises and Experiments to promote enquiry, critical thinking and The Scientific method.

*Posters, Signs and Illusions

*Crosswords: topics include Solids, Liquids and Gases,  Science Equipment, Chemical Reactions, Electricity and The Pyramids for Junior Secondary students, Astronomy for Intemediate students and The Digestive System and Cell Organelles for Senior Biology classes.

* Videos: Brian Dunning ‘s Here Be Dragons and The Australian Skeptics Bed of Nails

* On-Line Resource List. Several pages of direct links to useful sites on the internet.

Send details (Your name, school postal address) to:

The Fossil Record – What Gaps? DVD

DVD for sale

Presented by Dr John Long (Former Head of Science, Museum Victoria, now at the Natural History Museum in California) This DVD, a project of Vic Skeptics, is available at $10 per copy inc. postage.

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