Notes for Speakers at Skeptics Café

Thank you for agreeing to speak at Skeptics Café.

Skeptics Café is the monthly public meeting of Australian Skeptics (Victorian Branch). Our standing reservation is for the third Monday of each month.

Until otherwise advised, the venue is the Club Room at La Notte Restaurant, 140 Lygon Street Carlton.

It is our usual practice to meet from 6pm to dine al fresco on the covered pavement at the front of the restaurant. As our speaker, you will be our guest if you chose to join us for the meal. We adjourn to the Club Room at the rear of the restaurant before 8pm, and you will be called upon to give your presentation after the regular announcements.

We ask you to send the following ASAP to either the Committee member who invited you to speak, or to

  • a title for your presentation
  • a photograph
  • a brief abstract of your presentation (typically 50-100 words)
  • a brief CV for yourself
  • any links you would like interested readers to look at before the event
  • any special requirements you may have in regard to audiovisual

We invite you to look at our Events page to see how Skeptics Cafés are usually advertised.

Normal practice is for us to supply a lap-top connected to our data projector and for the presenter to provide a USB stick. We can provide audio as well, but we would like to know in advance if this is required.

We can run off copies of handouts for the event if you wish.

It is often a good idea if running a Power Point presentation to have your data also saved in an older version. (e.g. in .ppt as well as .pptx)

If you want to use your own laptop, our standard connection is via a VGA cable.


Most, but not all laptops have a VGA port


Please let us know if your laptop does not, as an adaptor will have to be used.

The audience is usually within the range of 40 to 80 people. The ages range from tertiary student to seniors. You can expect intelligent, relevant questions. It is our usual practice to reserve question time for the end of the presentation, but if you would prefer to take questions during the presentation, please let the MC know beforehand.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other questions or concerns.

Finally, we are always keen to post stimulating articles on this website, and would appreciate an article based on your presentation.

We eagerly await your presentation. Thanks again!

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