Dinner with Lawrence Krauss, 29 August

Dinner with Lawrence Krauss - click to see full size banner

Dinner with Lawrence Krauss – click to see full size banner

The Victorian Skeptics are delighted to host a presentation by well known cosmologist and author Lawrence Krauss.

Update – SOLD OUT! If you would like to go on a waiting list in the event of late cancellations, send an email to vic@skeptics.com.au  

Lawrence’s presentation is titled:

An update on Cosmology and thoughts on Education

Lawrence is well known for his critical thinking and promotion of science. He has appeared on Q & A among other shows. This event is not to be missed. In addition to the high quality presentation, the ticket price includes a quality three course meal.

Where and when?

The evening will be held at Graduate House Conference Centre, 220 Leicester Street Carlton on Friday 29 August with proceedings beginning at 6:30pm.

The total price for the meal and Lawrence’s presentation at an excellent venue is $100 per person (general admission).

Australian Skeptics Victorian Branch members $90.

Ticketing Details

All members will be notified of a ‘promotional code’ to obtain the price reduction.

Not sure if you’re already a member? If you are a financial member of the Australian Skeptics Victorian Branch, you will have already received the ‘promotional code’ for this event via email. If you haven’t received the code, that means you’re probably not a member. Unfortunately, simply subscribing to ‘The Skeptic’ or attending any of our talks doesn’t qualify you for membership.

The event is open to everyone however.

Please note that as you go through the booking process you can select seating. However, the seating presented on the TryBooking website is different to the actual layout of seating for Lawence’s talk. Seating will be at round tables for ten people. That means that each row in the TryBooking website for this event, actually represents one table of ten. If you are booking for two people or more and you’d like to be seated at the same table, please ensure you choose seats in the same row.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Brief Biography
Lawrence Krauss is Director of the ASU Origins Project at Arizona State University and Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the Department of Physics. Described by Scientific American as a unique scientific ‘public intellectual’, Krauss is a renowned theoretical physicist as well as one of the most well-known advocates for science worldwide. In addition to over 300 scientific publications, He has written nine books for a general audience, including the international bestsellers The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe From Nothing, with translations into over 20 languages. His research has focused on the intersection on cosmology and elementary particle physics, including general relativity and quantum gravity, the early universe, the origin of mass, neutrino astrophysics, and the long term future of the universe. He is the winner of numerous international awards, and is the only physicist to have received the major awards from all three US physics societies. In 2012, he was awarded The National Science Board’s Public Service Award for his many contributions. He frequently appears on TV and radio and contributes to newspapers and magazines, and is the subject of a new full-length feature film, The Unbelievers, which follows Krauss and Richard Dawkins around the world as they discuss science and reason.

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