Detailed Program – 2012 Convention

Australian Skeptics

National Convention 2012 Program

Thursday 29 November, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Fund Raising Dinner

Venue: Royal Society of Victoria: 9 Victoria Street, Melbourne (enter from 8 La Trobe Street)

MC: Matt Kippen

Guests of Honour: James Randi, DJ Grothe, Brian Thompson and Rebecca Watson

Limit: 25 people (tickets sold separately)

Further details and tickets are available here.

Friday 30 November, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Meet and Greet

Venue: Melbourne Immigration Museum, 400 Flinders St, Melbourne (Between Queen and William Streets)

Early convention registration will be followed by the official convention welcome and a cocktail party.

This will be a great opportunity to socialise, mingle, chat and catch up with fellow skeptics. We will even throw in a little live music!

Saturday 1 December 

Venue: The Spot Theatre, University of Melbourne, Building of Economics and Commerce, 198 Berkeley Street, Carlton

8:00 am       Registration (for those who were not registered the previous day at the Meet & Greet)

Morning MC: Terry Kelly (President, Victorian Skeptics)

9:00 am       Welcome: Don Hyatt (Convention Convenor)

9:05  am       James Randi  My Skeptical World

9:50 am     Adam vanLangenberg  Teenagers, Lunchtime  and Scepticism

10:30 am     Morning Tea

11:00 am      Active Skepticism: An Evidence-Based Approach to Medical Treatment

Panel discussion chaired by Richard Saunders
Panel members: Dr Ken Harvey, Dr Mick Vagg, Dr Steve Basser, Loretta Marron

12:20 pm     Dr Krissy Wilson  SOAP – The Science of Anomalistic Phenomena

1:00 pm    Science Drama Award winning students from Lyndale Greens Primary School performance.

1.10  pm  Lunch

Afternoon MC: Paulie Stehlik (Vic Skeptics)

2:10 pm       Lynne Kelly  A Skeptic Tackles Stonehenge

2.50 pm       Paul Gallagher  Case Study: Active Skepticism: Using Social Media Effectively

3:00 pm      Afternoon Tea

3:30 pm      Loretta Marron  (Friends of Science in Medicine) Exposing CAM as a Sham

4.15 pm      Rebecca Watson  Effectively Using Social Media to Promote Skepticism

5:00 pm     Finish

Saturday Evening

Convention Gala Dinner

Venue: ANZ Pavilion, The Arts Centre, 100 St Kilda Road Melbourne.

Arrive at 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start – until 11.30 pm

MC: Simon Taylor

Presentation by Brian Thompson Skeptical Observations of a Downunder Nature


Skeptic of the Year
Bent Spoon Award
Thornett Award (“The Fred”) for the Promotion of Reason

Tickets for the Gala Dinner are sold separately. Full details can be found here.

Sunday 2 December

Venue: The Spot Theatre, University of Melbourne, Building of Economics and Commerce, 198 Berkeley Street, Carlton

Morning MC: Brad Kendall (Mordi Skeptics)

9:00 am       Welcome to Day Two

9.05 am        DJ Grothe  Active Skepticism Around The World

9:50 am        Lawrence Leung  The Unbelievable Truth: Comedy and Scepticism in Life and on Television

10:50 am     Morning Tea

11.20 am     So You Want to be an Active Skeptic? Effectively Spreading the Message.

Panel discussion chaired by Richard Saunders
Panel members: Dr Meredith Doig (Australian President, Rationalists Assn. of Australia), Stephen Mayne (Media Commentator), Dr Krissy Wilson (psychologist), Brian Thompson (Outreach Coordinator, JREF)

12:40 pm    LunchYoung Skeptics Lunch with Rebecca and DJ

Afternoon MC: Matt Kippen (Vic Skeptics)

1.40 pm      Dr Ken Harvey  Confessions of a Serial Complainant: Why Take On the Therapeutic Goods Industry?

2.20 pm      Dr Rachael Dunlop  Skepticism in Science: A Help or a Hindrance?

3:00 pm     Afternoon Tea

3:30 pm     Randi With FriendsReflections on the Importance of Being an Active Skeptic.

Mal Vickers (Chair, Vic Skeptics) and Friends: Jack Scanlan (Young Australian Skeptics), Russell Kelly (Borderline Skeptics), Don Hyatt (Skeptic Groups of Victoria).

4.10 pm     Shane Greenup  rbutr – Enhancing the Quality of Internet Conversation

4.20 pm     Rebecca Watson  Twitter Quiz

4:50 pm     Closing

5:00 pm     Finish

Please note, the program is subject to change.

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