Darwin Day Barbecue 2011

An Invitation from the Atheists, Humanists, Rationalists & Skeptics to celebrate

Charles Darwin’s birthday

Saturday, 12th February 2011

12 noon till 4:30 pm


Alexandra Avenue Melbourne
Melways, 2G D11
Just west from the Morell Bridge and Anderson Street.
Next to the Botanic Gardens.











All Welcome

Free BBQ facilities available
BYO food and drinks

Since the early 1990s, Darwin Day has been celebrated around the world including in Melbourne but this year’s celebrations will be the biggest party so far.
Come along and enjoy a summer’s evening BBQ by the Yarra.

An RSVP is not required however it would assist with organising if you could RSVP (with YES, NO or MAYBE and numbers) to Andrew on
(03) 9894 1443

If you can be contacted by email then please include details with your RSVP.

This information is advisory only – please check before travelling.
The closest tram/train is Tram 70 in Swan Street.
Walk from the Swan Street Bridge or maybe from tram stop 46 (will need to check if access paths still exist). The 2002 Melways shows a path to Richmond Station which is about the same distance as the Swan Street Bridge. Buses 246 and 605 may stop near the Hoddle Street Bridge and that is closer than either the Swan Street Bridge or Richmond Railway Station.

4 Responses to Darwin Day Barbecue 2011

  1. David Borg says:

    I’d LOVE a sausage in a bread for Darwin Day!

  2. Linley says:

    Will see you there. Contact me if you need help via email. Can be free all day

  3. Kitty Maehem says:

    I’d love to join you to celebrate the day :) – weather & my (sometimes) unpredictable health permitting! I’ll be bringing 2 or 3 noobs with me. I’m sure you’ll make them feel just as welcome and comfortable as you made me feel when I rocked up all on my lonesome, & so terrified that I nearly just kept walking by. I’m so glad I didn’t, and I’d really like to thank catherineLd, Joel & Elliot Birch.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there, and meeting *lots* of new skeptics :)

    • keng2 says:

      Hi Kitty,
      Yeah, we’re a pretty friendly mob :)
      I had a very similar experience when I first sought out the semi-mythical Vic Skeptics one Monday evening in 2002 at Pug Mahone’s Pub in the city. I was made to feel very welcome by people like Rosemary Sceats, Andrew Rawlings, Christopher Short, Rob Brown and Lynne and Damian Kelly.
      It’s great to see that generosity in our younger members.

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