Australian Skeptics Conference 2012 – Transport

This page is about getting around Melbourne by public transport. If you plan to use your car or a hire car, see our Driver Information Page.

Melbourne Transport: 101

Click to enlarge & download the Convention venue map (left)

Using public transport in Victoria is easy with trains, trams and buses. At present and till the end of 2012 there are two separate ticket systems: Myki and Metcard

***Please note that Metcard is being phased out in Melbourne in favour of Myki. In the light of recent announcements, some of the information provided here about Metcard may no longer be accurate. Interstate visitors are advised to check  whether special Metcard visitor packages will be available in late November / Early December.

See for latest details.

 Visitors will most likely find Metcard more convenient. Metcards can be purchased from ticket vending machines on trams and at train stations. On buses you can buy your ticket from the driver. Retail outlets such as newsagents also sell Metcard – look for  “metcards sold here” signage.
There is a Myki card for Visitors which is bundled with discounts for tourist attractions available at the airport, railway stations, newsagents and hotels. Details have recently been published at MYKI .

Types of Metcard Tickets:

  • 2 hour (& 10 x 2 hour)
  • Daily (& 5 x Daily)
  • Seniors Daily (& 5 x Seniors Daily)
  • 5 x Weekend Daily;
  • City Saver (within City Saver area). City Saver Metcards are designed for travel around the city centre as well as to key Melbourne landmarks. They allow a single trip within the City Saver area. The City Saver area is located in Zone 1, so a Zone 1 Metcard may be more appropriate for your journey.

Buying Metcards from ticket vending machines: Follow these simple steps and the instructions on the machine’s display screen to purchase your Metcard.

Step 1: Select the type of Metcard you require

Step 2: Select the zone(s) in which you are travelling. All sites for Convention are in Zone 1 (Melbourne central and inner suburbs)

Step 3: Select your fare – either full fare or concession (you must be eligible to purchase a concession fare). If you make a mistake before you put in your money, simply press CANCEL and start again.

Step 4: Insert your money. Please note, machines on trams only accept coins. The larger machines at train stations do accept notes but will only give change up to $10. EFTPOS facilities are available at the larger machines at train stations.

A Typical Metcard will look like this. Remember to look after your ticket and ensure it is valid for your trip. Fines exist for those who are not carrying a valid ticket.

Validating Your Metcard: You are required by law to always validate your Metcard before entering a train platform and each time you board a tram or bus. On trams, buses and train stations without barriers, simply insert your Metcard into the green validating boxes. Metcards purchased on board trams and buses are already validated, and do not need to be validated again on that vehicle. However, if you transfer to another train, tram or bus, the Metcard must be revalidated on that next service. You may board any train, tram or bus before your Metcard expires, even if the your journey extends beyond the Metcard’s expiry time.

Metcard validation: insert your metcard in the direction of the arrow on the card

Prices at January 2012 (click to enlarge)

Other Metcard products: from 1 January 2012 (click to enlarge)

City Saver: Covers all Convention 2012 sites but NOT further North of  Melbourne University.

Metcard Citysaver map

(click to enlarge)

Concession tickets cost around half the full fare and are available for most ticket types. Passengers can travel on Concession tickets if they are aged 16 years and under or carry an approved Victorian Concession Card.

Holders of the following cards are eligible to purchase concession fares.

Further information about concession cards is available in the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Manual.

Concession cards are not transferable and must be carried at all times when travelling. They are not valid if they have been tampered with or damaged. Remember, you must carry a valid concession card at all times when travelling on a concession ticket. If you don’t, your concession ticket is invalid for travel and you could receive an infringement.


(If you want one – we suggest you get one before coming to Melbourne)

Myki is a reusable “smart card” that can store “myki money”  and is used to pay for your journey. When the balance gets low you must “top up” your myki to keep travelling. Myki money is a dollar amount (e.g. $20, $50) that’s stored on a myki. When you touch on and touch off as you travel, the system calculates the best available fare for the journey.

You can buy or top up on-line at MYKI or by calling 13 6954 (13 myki). You can also top up at mykimachines at train stations and selected accessible tram stops.

With myki money you aren’t restricted to zones, as you pay for what you use. As long as you touch on and touch off correctly, myki money will always give you the best fare. Myki money fares are based on the discounted Value Metcard ticket offers, so you will save no matter how little or often you travel. Fares are capped to the applicable 2 hour or Daily fare. If you use myki to travel entirely within zones 1 and 2 on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you will pay no more than $3.30 per day. Please note: this applies to full fare travel only.

Each time you enter the paid area of a train station or board a Tram or Bus, you must “touch on”  at a myki reader. Train and Bus users need to Also “touch off” at the end of each trip in order to be charged the Lowest fare.  If you do not touch off, the system doesn’t know where you have travelled and you will be charged a default fare that may be more than you should have paid for your trip.

A minimum of $10 is now required to top up via the myki website and call centre. You can still top up as little as $1 cash at myki machines, which are located at most metropolitan stations and selected tram platforms and bus interchanges.

Myki Prices:

(click to enlarge)

Metropolitan Zones

Melbourne’s public transport network is divided into two main fare zones. The type of ticket or myki you travel with depends on which zones you travel in. Metcards and myki are available for travel in the individual zones or both. Check which zones your journey covers before selecting a ticket to ensure it covers your entire journey. The zones for tram have recently changed. For more information, see travelling with the right ticket. For example, travelling to Belgrave Station (Zone 2) from the city (Zone 1) will require a Zone 1+2 ticket.

Zone 1 covers the CBD and most inner suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne; Zone 2 covers the outer suburbs of metropolitan Melbourne. When travelling in a zone boundary overlap, passengers can travel with a ticket valid for either zone.

Tram Routes

This map shows tram routes in Melbourne’s city centre.

(click to enlarge) 

 This is a map of the Circle Tram Route around Melbourne’s CBD

(click to enlarge) 

This map shows Melbourne’s tram network.

(click to enlarge)

Main Tram Routes:

North – South 

Along Swanston St

Sth Melbourne Beach- E Coburg     Route 1

Toorak to Moreland    Route 8  although 3, 3a, 5 &6,16,64,67 & 72  also go north only up to Melbourne  Uni.

Along Elizabeth St –Royal Pde- Sydney Rd

City to North Coburg    Route  19

 Along Elizabeth St – Flemington Rd- Mt Alexander Rd

City to Airport West    Route 59

 Along Elizabeth St – Abbotsford St-Flemington Rd – Racecourse Rd

City to  West Maribyrnong     Route 57

Along William St –Flemington Rd –Royal Park – Domain Interchange West Coburg      Route 55

East – West

Along Flinders St

Route Waterfront City  Docklands to Wattle Park     Route  70


City Circle Tram  Completes circle Flinders St- Harbour Esplanade- La Trobe St –Spring St –Flinders St  Route  38 (See map above)

Along Collins St

From Harbour Esplanade to Balwyn , Preston & Punt Rd       Routes 48, 11 & 31

Along Bourke St

St Kilda Beach to East Brunswick      Route 96

Waterfront City to Bundoora RMIT        Route 86

Spencer St to Museum     Route 95

Along Latrobe St

City Circle Tram      Route 38

Etihad Stadium to St Vincent’s Plaza      Route 30

Etihad Stadium to North Balwyn     Route 24

Public Transport Access to Convention Venues:

The Spot Theatre  198 Berkeley St Carlton (see also our Convention Accommodation Page)

From Hotels & serviced Apartments 

This is within walking distance of the Hotels & serviced ApartmentsNos  1- 8 on list

And a tram ride North on Routes 19 or 59 along Elizabeth St for No 9  (1.8Km)

From the Motels

It is a tram ride heading South on Route 19 along Royal Pde for Motels 1 – 4  (3Km)

And on Routes 57 or 59 along Flemington Rd for No 5  (2.5Km)

From International House (College accommodation)

It is a tram ride South on Route 19  (1.5Km)

Melbourne Immigration Museum  Old Customs House 400 Flinders St Melb (Corner William St)

Depending on where you’re coming from get a tram heading south along :

Peel St  to Flinders St along Williams St     Route  55

Swanston St  to Flinders St    Routes 1 or 8  & walk along Flinders St

Royal Pde/Elizabeth St  to Flinders St   Routes 19 or 59   & Walk along Flinders St

Arts Centre Melbourne   St Kilda Rd  (Just South of the Yarra River)

Take any Tram South along Swanston St. Routes 1& 8 stop at Flinders St  (You can admire Flinders St Railway station and walk 250m across Prices Bridge over the Yarra to the Arts Centre – Look for the Spire)

Routes 3, 3a, 5, 6, 64, 67 & 72 cross the river, but only start at Melbourne University.

Southern Cross Railway Station

Southern Cross Station is the arrival and departure point for metropolitan and regional train, tram and bus services. The Premium Station is located on Spencer Street in Melbourne’s central business district (CBD), between Collins and La Trobe streets. Etihad Stadium, New Quay Docklands and Melbourne’s vibrant CBD are just a short stroll from the station

V/Line Booking Office – Southern Cross Station   Phone 1800 800 007

Information Desk   Phone 9619 2587

Several airport bus services travel between Southern Cross Station and Melbourne and Avalon airports.

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is the heart of Melbourne’s rail network and the arrival and departure point for metropolitan train services.
The Premium Station is located on the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets in the central business district.
Also a popular tourist destination, the station was completed in 1910 and is Australia’s oldest train station.
The steps at the main entrance under the famous domed clock tower are a popular meeting place for Melburnians.


SkyBus runs between Melbourne Airport and Melbourne’s city centre, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service takes 20 minutes to get from the airport to the city centre. Buses run every 10 minutes from 6am to 11pm and every 15 to 30 minutes at other times.
At Melbourne Airport, SkyBus stops at Terminal 3 ( Virgin) and Terminal 1 (Qantas).
In the city, SkyBus stops at Southern Cross Station, corner Little Bourke and Spencer streets. Minibuses run between Southern Cross Station and 120 hotels in central Melbourne. You can buy SkyBus tickets online at (link opens in new window), from the driver, at ticket kiosks in the airport terminals and Southern Cross Station or PTV Hub at Swanston Street. V/Line tickets, free travel passes and concessions are not accepted by SkyBus.
A variety of SkyBus tickets are available to suit your travel needs, including two special tickets which allow public transport travel in Zone 1.

A one way SkyBus ticket plus 2 hour Zone 1 Metcard costs $21 and a one way SkyBus ticket plus Daily Zone 1 Metcard costs $24. For more information, visit SKYBUS or call (03) 9335 3066.

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