Australian Skeptics Conference – Melbourne 2012 – Driver Information

A. Motel Accomodation near the venues

see our Convention Accommodation Page

B. Car Hire in Melbourne

On-line Guide: For the following parameters,

* In November 30 out December 3,

* Pick-up and return at a central major outlet, e.g. Melbourne Airport

*Driver over 30

quotes at when the site was visited in April ranged from about $130 (e.g. Nissan Micra)  to about $200 (e.g. Toyota Camry), sampling in April between Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Avis and Thrifty.

To contact Car Hire firms direct:


Within Australia: 13 63 33   Outside Australia: +61 3 9338    Website:


Within Australia: 1300 362 848  Outside Australia:+61 3 9353 9399   Website:


Within Australia: 1300 13 13 90   Outside Australia:+61 3 9241 6800   Website:


Within Australia: 13 30 39   Outside Australia:+61 3 9338 4044  Website:


Within Australia: 1300 36 72 27  Outside Australia: +61 3 9241 6100  Website:


Within Australia: 1300 66 88 10  Outside Australia: +61 2 8303 2222  Website: http:/

C. Venue Car Parking

The Spot Theatre  University Square Underground Car Park  $12 / day 7 am – 7 pm open to the public Saturday only. Enter this car park from Berkeley St, near to Grattan Street.

Note, this car park is closed Sunday however most of the streets near to the Spot Basement Theatre are free of car parking restrictions on Sunday.

Arts Centre EVENING $21 Monday to Saturday

Enter after 4pm and exit by 6am the next day. Pay on arrival available


Use your credit card at the entry When you use your credit card at the car park entry no ticket is issued – your credit card is the ‘ticket’.

Payment Options and Exit

•When exiting the car park insert your credit card at the exit gate for payment and receipt. The gate will open when your payment is processed.


•Insert your credit card in the pay machine on arrival or on leaving for payment. Insert your credit card at exit to open gate – you will not be charged again if you have already paid via the pay machine.

Receive a ticket at entry

Melbourne Immigration Museum

Nearest is 376 Flinders Street: $15 Friday Evening rate entering after 4pm.

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