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We would like to offer contact information for four local people who are available at short notice for interviews, responses and statements which reflect a Skeptical viewpoint.










Terry Kelly is President of the Victorian Skeptics and is a hospital-based social worker with experience in grief and trauma counselling. His skeptical instincts have been honed by experiences with cult-like professional development programs and outrage at the exploitation of vulnerable grieving people by “psychics” pretending to talk to dead relatives. Terry is a punter and part-owner of horses and a former leg-spinner.

‘Phone 0438 626 107

Steve Roberts has a background in the sciences, and makes his living in computer security. Steve is Vice-President of the Astronomical Society of Victoria. He is a recognised Skeptical authority on aliens, UFOs, astrology, crop circles and the like, as well as hidden codes (in the Bible, Shakespeare, etc), creation “science”, and so-called “intelligent design”  

mobile : 0414  991 231     home: 9077 9360











Charles Tivendale is a retired CSIRO scientist and is a member of the Inventors’ Association and a judge for both the Science Talent Search and the Science-Engineering challenge. Charles has an innate curiosity and a facility for constructing and running scientific tests. He is the Skeptics’ Challenge Coordinator for Victoria, which means that he is responsible for the initial testing of any claims of paranormal ability or phenomena that we receive. Phone 9772 8277










Dr Stephen Basser works in General Practice in suburban Melbourne, and takes a keen interest in the use and regulation of what are variously referred to as complementary, natural, or alternative medicines. He is also a staunch critic of the anti-immunisation lobby.

(BH) 9459 1100 mob 0419114186

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