The Case Against Bread

18 January, 2018

1. More than 98 percent of convicted felons are bread eaters.

2. Fully HALF of all children who grow up in bread-consuming households score below average on intelligence tests.

3. In the 18th century, when virtually all bread was baked in the home, the average life expectancy was less than 50 years; infant mortality rates were unacceptably high; many women died in childbirth; and diseases such as typhoid, yellow fever and influenza ravaged whole nations.

4. More than 90 percent of violent crimes are committed within 24 hours of eating bread. Read the rest of this entry »

2011 Psychic Predictions … Revisited

8 January, 2012

Early in 2011 we examined the Psychic predictions of Mr. John Gold, one of Australia’s most respected psychics.

Mr Gold was notable for making some quite specific predictions for the year ahead, which would have been sensational had they panned out.

Usually psychics will throw out a bunch of generic and non-specific “predictions” which can easily be retrofitted to reality later … but not Mr Gold. He went out on a series of impressive limbs with specific events and specific times.

If even half of those predictions had come true, we might have had a serious contender for the Australian Skeptics’ $100,000 challenge.

We are now one year down the track, and it’s definitely worth our time to  examine the predictions and see how Mr. Gold did.

Results below the fold.

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Martin Plowman on Roswell

7 May, 2011

UFO Diaries CoverIn April, Martin Plowman visited the Vic Skeptics to talk about his book “The UFO Diaries” and his travels to UFO hotspots in the US.

It was a fascinating talk, touching on the philosophy of Jacques Lacan and his distinction between the “real” and the “symbolic”.

The book isn’t all high philosophy though. There’s a lot of travelogue, and a lot of the amazing characters you would be likely to meet on a UFO tour

In this snippet Martin discusses the famous Roswell UFO incident, and the evidence (or lack thereof) around it.


Leo Igwe Tour

2 April, 2011

Leo Igwe is a tireless campaigner against entrenched superstition in his native Nigeria. His Report From Nigeria is a regular feature of The Skeptic magazine. To view one of Leo’s articles on-line, go to and scroll to page 12.

Rebecca Watson discusses the work of Leo Igwe in her report It’s Hard to Make Child Witches Funny

Canberra Skeptics has organised an Australian tour for Leo, which will take in every State. While in Melbourne,  he will speak at a dinner at La Notte on Thursday evening 25th August and also at a public venue to be announced on  Saturday 27th (afternoon) .  For those in other states, please use our contact details in the RHS panel to enquire about Leo’s speaking dates.

Whitehorse Hotel

10 August, 2004

Skeptics get together, the Whitehorse Hotel in 2003 or 2004.