Puzzles for May 2022

Puzzles for the month of May 2022 are at the top of the  PUZZLES PAGE.

The Crossword puzzle is themed towards General Skeptical Issues. 

Scroll down the puzzles page to find previous puzzles from May 2021. For earlier puzzles go to the archives links at the bottom of the PUZZLES PAGE..

There are now well over 100 Logic & Maths puzzles, which come in sets of ten, with fully worked solutions. They double as recreational puzzles for those so inclined and as classroom and extension material.

Our Picture Puzzles (a.k.a. frame games, rebuses, or whatever) are a bit of fun to test your lateral thinking.

Our monthly Mixed Bag questions come in sets of twenty; they’re a hybrid of trivia and general knowledge, graduated from “easy” to “hard”.

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