Puzzles for March 2022

march puzzlesaPicture Puzzles, Mixed Bag questions, Logic & Maths Questions and Skeptical Crossword for the month of March 2022 have pride of place at the top of the  PUZZLES PAGE.

The Crossword puzzle delves  into Cryptids and Mythical Creatures (acknowledging that one person’s cryptid IS another person’s mythical creature).

Scroll down the puzzles page to find all previous puzzles from May 2021. Earlier puzzles going back to 2010 are available from the archives links at the bottom of the PUZZLES PAGE..

Our Logic & Maths puzzles come with fully worked solutions. They double as recreational puzzles for those so inclined and as classroom and extension material.

Educational .pdf worksheets covering aspects of science and related fields are available for download here: https://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/useful-info/puzzles-worksheets-for-science/ .


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