“Skeptics Got Talent”

One of the great spin-offs of hosting a Skeptics Convention is that it provides an opportunity to showcase the talents of “local” presenters and performers to a wider audience.

Prue Spencer

Skepticon 2019 in Melbourne last December certainly did that in regard to presenters and performers at the two-day Convention proper and the associated Dinner. Sixteen-year-old magician Prue Spencer was a case in point, memorably supporting Dinner MC Vyom Sharma.

However, a small highly talented  group of musical performers may have escaped due recognition as their gig was the Friday Meet & Greet. (There was a lot of noisy meeting and greeting going on throughout the evening.)

There were three such acts at the Meet & Greet. I’d like to give them some additional attention here. They were:

Brisbane Musician and science communicator NATHAN EGGINS a.k.a CONSPIRACY OF ONE

Melbourne singer-songwriter NATHLEIGH

Musical trio from Melbourne BRITTLE SUN

If you click on the name of each act, it will take you to a specific page with more information about each performer and links to recorded performances on music sharing platforms.

Where possible, links are also provided for commercial downloads; in the current climate, with no opportunity for live performances, these artists deserve your support.

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