Recommended Health & Medical Info Sites

About five years ago we posted Recommended site: We had a lot of nice things to say about the site. On review, we’ve found that the URL given now forwards to

The site describes itself as follows: Reliable Australian health and medicines information
myDr provides reliable Australian health information, health tools and calculators covering symptoms, diseases, tests & investigations, medicines, treatments, nutrition and fitness.

A quick review of the site confirms its bona fides: Some of the contact information is useful only to Australian residents, but there is a large body of universally applicable information and advice available under pull-down menus for Conditions, Medicines, Symptoms and Health Tools.

As we said in the original post, there are probably similar sites; we just happened to stumble on this one. However, with all the misleading material on the web, (much of it totally free of clinical evidence), it’s nice to be able to point to mydr and suggest that it be the first and last site visited in your health issues search.

If you have more time available, there’s the ever-reliable Quackwatch.

It’s sort of the “Snopes” for medical and health issues, and deals with the most egregious medical mythologies head-on.

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