Science Talent Search

by Francesca Folk-Scolaro

 As a member of the Australian Skeptics, I was pleased that the Victorian Branch* was able to fund and so support the work of science teachers in Victorian schools.

sts16-21aThe staging of Science Talent Search 2016 at Latrobe University last 24th of October showed that the teaching and study of science are alive and well. The Australian Skeptics are proud to support the teachers and the schools in their important work.

This year, students from the following schools benefited from the $3,300 Australian Skeptics donation.sts16-31a

Alphington Grammar,  Avila College,  Balnarring P.S.,  Balwyn P.S.,  Brighton P.S.,  Camberwell Grammar (Senior),  Camelot Rise P.S.,  Cheltenham Sec. College,  Clifton Hill P.S.,  Doncaster Gardens P.S.,    Doncaster Sec. College,  East Doncaster Sec. College,  Eltham College (Primary),  Eltham East P.S.,  Fintona Girls Senior Secondary,  Firbank Grammar (Senior),  Genazzano FCJ College,  Glendall P.S.,  sts16-33aGleneagles Sec. College,  Great Ryrie P.S.,  Haileybury (Berwick Campus), Horsham College,  Huntingtower (Primary),  Kerrimuir P.S.,  Koonung Sec. College,  Lab Rats Science Club (Primary),  Lyndal Greens P.S.,  Mazenod College,  Mentone Grammar (Middle School),  Mentone Grammar (Primary),  Methodist Ladies College,  Our Holy Redeemer School,  Parade College (Bundoora),  Paynesville P.S.,  Presbyterian Ladies College (Senior),  Rosanna Golf Links P.S., Sacré Cœur School (Primary),  Scotch College (Junior),  Scotch College (Senior),  Serpell P.S.,  Solway P.S,.  St Joseph’s College Mildura,  Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar,  Templestowe Park P.S.,  Trinity Grammar School (Junior).   sts16-35a

It was gratifying to see the variety of projects and the quality and high standard achieved by both young Primary students and more mature Secondary students.

I would like to extend my personal congratulations and thanks to the science teachers, parents of students and the organisers of this annual event for a job well done.

Editor’s Notes:

The first Science Talent Search was conducted and sponsored by the Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria in 1952. STS 2016 was the 65th consecutive annual staging of the event.

*STS cash bursaries totalling $3,300 awarded in the name of  “Australian Skeptics” were jointly funded by Australian Skeptics Science and Education Foundation and the Victorian Branch. Our mutual sponsorship has now been in effect for the last fourteen years.

In 2016 our friends at Mordialloc Skeptics also provided additional STS sponsorship. Some members of Vic Skeptics also made  personal donations.sts16-24a

Science Talent Search is already up and running for 2017. The theme is Future Earth

To find out more, go to

We encourage you to investigate this great event, to download and peruse the 2o17 handbook and to consider becoming a personal sponsor, which you can do for as little as $25.

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