Happenings – October/November 2014

1. The Genesis II Church advertised a seminar at Clayton Community Centre from 14th to 16th of November at $500 per participant. The Church’s leader, Jim Humble promotes MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) as a cure for diseases such as Malaria, HIV, autism and Ebola. MMS contains bleaching agents – including sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide and calcium hypochlorite.


These are seriously dangerous chemicals. A spokesperson for the Victorian Poisons Information Centre said a total of 10 people – with four needing further treatment at the hospital – had reported feeling ill after administering MMS with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea.

The Genesis II Church’s practices have already been the subject of joint FDA and ACCC investigations and legal action.

2. Steffan_BrowningIn October, Stefan Browning, New Zealand Greens MP supported using homeopathy as a treatment for Ebola, which Prime Minister John Key described as as “barking mad”. As a consequence, he lost his natural health portfolio; The Greens wished “to send a signal that it took an evidence-based approach to  public health issues“.

 3. And speaking of evidence based approaches… 

divining dvdPhysicist Dr Larry Marshall has been appointed to head the CSIRO from January 2015. In the light of Dr Marshall’s on-the-record partiality to water divining, this has created some concern among Skeptics and the Australian scientific community in general. 
Australian Skeptics are happy to share with Dr Marshall the experience of several thoroughly conducted Australian trials, which suggests that Water Divining does NOT have much of an evidence base.

4. Eminent seers Joan Quigley and Simon Turnbull both died recently. quigleyturnbullQuigley was the astrologer of choice for American President and First Lady Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Turnbull was President of the Australian Psychics Association, a Master Mason, an authority on tarot and a practicing astrologer.

5. Australian Cricket’s Devil’s Number of 87 (13 short of a Century) re-surfaced with the dismissal of Mitchell Marsh in a recent test v Pakistan. cricket_ball_hits_the_stumps_8753In fact Australian test batsmen have had their innings terminated more frequently on 85, 86, 88 and 89. Even English batsmen have been dismissed on 87 more often. (Incidentally, English Cricketers have their own Devils Number, aka “Nelson” which is 111; more poms have been out for 87 than for 111).

6. The Science Talent Search Annual Exhibition and Awards Day was held at Latrobe University in late October. The Science Teacher’s Association of Victoria’s Science Talent Search has run annually since 1952. 9-crowdThis year over 3000 students participated by submitting a variety of projects including computer programs, games, science photographs, posters and wallcharts, working models, inventions, experimental research, creative writing and video productions. About 600 cash bursaries were awarded. Australian Skeptics has been a major supporter of the Science Talent Search, along with other corporate and individual sponsors. Support from either Federal or State governments was disappointingly not much in evidence.

7. Australian con-man Peter Foster was arrested by New South Wales police near Byron Bay. peter fosterFoster is well-known to Skeptics; he has been convicted and jailed on three continents for offences involving weight loss products and property transactions; and he disappeared while facing charges over his involvement in bogus weight loss product SensaSlim, in defiance of a Federal Court order banning him from such activity.


5 Responses to Happenings – October/November 2014

  1. Tim Harding says:

    This MMS fad sounds seriously harmful. Should this be a priority for skeptical activism?

    My response to the former NZ Greens’ ‘natural health’ spokesman’s support for homeopathy is ‘where there is smoke there is fire’.

    • keng2 says:

      I’ve heard that Clayton Community Centre, having been made aware of the Church’s beliefs and activities has cancelled as a venue for this seminar. However, after several days no update or correction has been made to the Genesis II Forum’s website; it’s still being advertised. To actually book, you need to go to a private email address or to ring a private number. Maybe that’s where Plan B is being revealed.

      • heh says:

        There has never been a death attributed to MMS (Sodium chlorite 22.4%) so far, and it’s been used by an estimated 20 million people around the world. Not one death. MMS activated is Chlorine dioxide. It’s also used in the drops, say, 3 drops of MMS along with 3 drops of an activator such as Citric acid 50%, then dilute that solution in water and drink.

        This is exactly what the Red Cross did when they cured 154 cases of Malaria with MMS in Uganda, 2012.

        1. First video, uploaded may 2013, documenting the Red Cross curing Malaria with video footage of the blood tests. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jY2yab0uLc

        2. Latest leaked video, uploaded july 2013, proving the Red Cross lied when they gave a response to video #1, stating they dissociated themselves from the study. The narrator no less of this video, Klaas Proesmans, said he was in China when the study was taking place, in his response to video #1. They got caught with their trousers down and they know it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8

        Go back to your philosophy studies, Harding, and figure out how to be a good man.

      • keng2 says:

        Thanks for your comment, heh. I invite you to read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_Mineral_Supplement and http://curezone.org/forums/am.asp?i=1691492.
        MMS is probably highly effective in treating water, killing mosquito larvae and pathogenic bacteria, but then so are its separate components purchased cheaply in bulk. (MMS drops sell in Australia for the equivalent of $153 per litre).
        The problem arises when the concoction is touted as a wonder drug suitable for human ingestion. BTW your last sentence is a bit cryptic. Who’s Harding?

  2. Terry Kelly says:

    Re the “devil’s number ” in cricket. One time when I was playing cricket in England (I played 3 years for Hornsey in the Middlesex League) I was batting, but up at the non-striker’s end, where I watched a hat-trick at the other end with the score on 111. Anecdote only, of course.

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