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When we draw attention to Health and Lifestyle websites, or those offering free medical advice, it’s often with a tone of disapproval.

However, we recently stumbled upon We were impressed.
It’s an Australian site. It caters to an Australian (Australasian?) lifestyle. It’s informative and up-to-date; you don’t need a technical background to follow the discussion, although the authorship is clearly supported by medical expertise.

It’s interactive. It features a Q&A staffed by a panel of specialists including a doctor, a psychologist, a fitness expert, a sexologist, a beauty expert and a dietician. It invites feedback, comment and articles from its readership.

It’s refreshingly devoid of new age babble or alt-med hype. The opinions expressed are evidence based.

While the overall site encompasses “bread -and-butter” health, the weekly wrap-up provides a personal editorial take on major health and lifestyle issues such as vaccination, chiropractic, homeopathy, fluoridation, Transcendental Meditation and even religion. It does so in an informed and rational way.

At this stage, you may be asking what is the big deal? simply provides a health information service that the average Australian consumer has a right to expect. Maybe our attitudes are jaded by the amount of dross and misinformation that we encounter in this area, even on Government health sites.

There are very likely lots of other “good” public sites like We invite you to draw our attention to your personal favourites.

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