Sean Faircloth in Melbourne

Announcing the upcoming tour by American author and orator, Sean Faircloth.

Sean Faircloth is the Director of Strategy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation and will be presenting in Melbourne at the Spot Basement Theatre at 6:30pm on Tuesday 26 March, 2013.

Sean Faircloth

Sean Faircloth

Reclaiming a Secular Australia is a topic of interest to anyone with a secular view, including many skeptics. The interference of organised religion in schools, health and government will also be addressed.

Sean Faircloth may be known to some readers as the author of ‘Attack of the Theocrats: How the Religious Rights is harming us all, and what we can do about it!’

Faircloth’s tour is supported by a number of organisations including the Victorian Skeptics, The Rationalist Society of Australia, Council of Australian Humanist Societies, the Progressive Atheists, the Humanist Society of Victoria and the University of Melbourne Secular Society.

On this tour, Faircloth will also be appearing in Sydney and Perth, before heading to New Zealand for further appearances.

The Spot Basement Theatre is in the new Business and Economics building, at 198 Berkeley St, Carlton.

Tickets are $28 for adults or $12 students and healthcare card holders.

For further details of Sean’s tour and other events in Victoria, please visit the website of Rationalist Society of Australia. Tickets for the Spot Basement Theatre event can be purchased here.

One Response to Sean Faircloth in Melbourne

  1. I heard this fellow speak at The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas 2011. He really is a passionate and inspiring speaker as well as being balanced, fair, nuanced and strongly based in Science.

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