Two Skeptical Videos

Two Australian Skeptics were recently in the media. Loretta Marron (AKA Anne) appears in the first video and Victoria’s own Dr Mick Vagg features in the second. Here they are for your viewing pleasure…

Despite tough talk from politicians, it appears that Rev Trevor Robinson’s web site is back on-line, he’s still in business. I won’t link to him here, I’m sure readers know how to use Google. It’s a shameful example of the lack of effective health practitioner regulation.

Below the fold, a screen capture from Rev Trevor Robinson’s web site.

Click to enlarge

On a lighter note ‘The Project’ (Channel Ten) featured a segment on the search for ‘The Big Panther’ in the Victorian outback. Dr Mick Vagg was given the opportunity to say a few rational words.

“It’s not evidence if it’s just an anecdote” – a nice little finishing skeptical quote from the hosts.

Since the story aired, nothing much has happened – apparently kitty is still on the loose!

Both Loretta Marron and Dr Mick Vagg will be part of a speaking panel at the Australian Skeptics National Convention this year’s theme is Active Skepticism. It will be held here in Melbourne at the end of November, it should be a hoot, so get active and book your tickets. Full details of the convention here.

2 Responses to Two Skeptical Videos

  1. Terry Kelly says:

    Is he just deluded or is he a cynical con-man? This was a pretty effective story. Great work again by Loretta Marron. She will be participating on a medical panel at the Australian Skeptics National Convention in Melbourne from November 30th to December 2nd this year.

  2. howard gipps says:

    Trevor Robinson is due to front court this morning ( 1st March 2013) on two charges relating to his advertised claims of a cancer cure.

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