Dr Ken Harvey Awarded CHOICE “Consumer Champion”

Congratulations to Dr Ken Harvey. The Australian Consumers Association has named Dr Ken Harvey as the CHOICE “Consumer Champion of 2012”.

It seems if there is a shonky medical product on sale, Dr Harvey knows about it and works tirelessly to highlight the problem to government authorities and the public at large; and to improve policy and regulation to reduce the harm and financial burden that shonky products impose on consumers.

The award is well deserved. The number of committees, policy groups and organisations on which Dr Harvey serves and is actively involved with is bewildering.

Most notably in the last twelve months, Dr Harvey was faced with a problem that every consumer advocate dreads facing. He was sued for defamation by the promoters of a slimming product called SensaSlim. He did not back down in his criticisms of the claims made for the product. Eventually the truth emerged. The claims behind the product were baseless and the two defamation cases against him collapsed.

I’d also like to thank Dr Harvey for his work with the Australian Skeptics.  He was actively involved with the 2011 worldwide 10:23 campaign. The 10:23 campaign highlighted the ineffective nature of homeopathy.  An over-dose event was held in Melbourne to help raise public awareness. The video can be found here.

Over the last twelve months, Dr Harvey has participated in an expert panel discussion and also given two talks to the Victorian Skeptics. He also frequently informs us about medical/skeptical issues as they arise.

More details of Dr Harvey’s activities in helping Australian consumers can be found in this press release from La Trobe University. The details of the award, including a video interview with Dr Harvey can be found here on the CHOICE website.

Well done, three cheers and congratulations on behalf of the Victorian Skeptics.


One Response to Dr Ken Harvey Awarded CHOICE “Consumer Champion”

  1. terrykelly3 says:

    Congratulations to Ken on his thoroughly deserved award. A great Science educator and consumer advocate.

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