Psychic Challenge 2012

Our post on Psychic Predictions for 2011 proved to be very popular, so we’re doing it again for 2012!

This time, instead of simply looking at the results of one psychic, we’re going to pit a self-identified psychic against a group of self-identified skeptics, and see who has the better result!

You can read more, and check out all the predictions here.

2 Responses to Psychic Challenge 2012

  1. flea says:

    how is one psychic vs a group of skeptics fair

    • Matt says:

      Good question!
      What we’re looking for from the skeptics is an average view of the sorts of predictions that can be made just by guessing.

      This gives us a baseline to compare with the psychic’s predictions. We can compare the psychic to the skeptics’ average results, and see if the psychic does “better than average”.

      If we just have one psychic versus one skeptic, then we’d introduce too much unwanted variation in the experiment.

      What if that one skeptic is just a bad guesser … or a really good guesser? Then we wouldn’t be comparing the psychic to an average result.

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