Giving the Tiger Some Teeth – A Forum

It’s no secret that this site has been heavily involved in Alt Med issues recently – partly due to circumstance, and partly because we’ve taken some initiatives.

A great source of frustration is that statutory regulatory bodies like the Therapeutic Goods Administration can’t (or won’t) provide real consumer protection in ensuring that alternative medical products live up to their claims.

Vic Skeptics have arranged a forum to investigate this issue, on Wednesday evening 16th November at La Notte Restaurant in Carlton, featuring a distinguished panel:

Dr Stephen Basser

 Dr Ken Harvey

Dr Michael Vagg

Loretta Marron 

Further details, including how to book: HERE

2 Responses to Giving the Tiger Some Teeth – A Forum

  1. sansscience says:

    Sounds interesting, but unfortunately I’m not in Victoria (came across this while searching to try find out if anything can be done to stop Aussie university websites that advertise their homeopathic health clinics from making disease treatment claims). I might visit your blog after the event to see if you’ve posted something about the discussion.

  2. Terry Kelly says:

    This promises to be deep and interesting. Four very articulate, committed and insightful speakers. A perfect example of skepticism covering the area where Science education and consumer rights overlap.

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