Pharmacy Guild / Blackmore’s Deal Defunct

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One Response to Pharmacy Guild / Blackmore’s Deal Defunct

  1. Loretta says:

    This is just another example of the lack of compassion shown by pharmacy owners (and those who represent them) as they prey on older Australians and other vulnerable groups of patients.

    My congratulations to all the people and organisations who fought the good fight to protect both the reputations of our hard working pharmacists and the health and well-being (and wallets) of seniors.

    Selling ear candles, magnets, TENS, circulation boosters and mostly useless CMs (such as Glucosamine hydrochloride, saw palmetto and red clover) all of which have no proof of efficacy, when will pharmacy owners put patients before profits?

    Let the trust we have in this profession be earned by clearing out their shelves of placebos and unproven therapies (and sack the ill informed natural therapists who have no interest in real evidence and who are employed in pharmacies just to promote them for considerable profit).

    This is indeed a victory for consumer protection.

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