Leo Igwe in Melbourne

Humanist Leo Igwe, currently touring Australia will be in Melbourne from Thursday 25th  to Saturday 27th of August. Leo is a tireless campaigner against witch-hunting and other superstitions in his native Nigeria.

Subscribers to The Skeptic Magazine will be familiar with Leo through his frequent Reports From Nigeria

  • Listen to ABC Local Radio 774’s Drive Time program at 4:30 pm on Thursday for a live interview between Leo and host Lindy Burns.
  • There are still a few limited spaces available for Thursday evening’s Dinner with Leo Igwe at La Notte Restaurant, Carlton. You must book by ‘phoning 9378 4414 or emailing vic@skeptics.com.au. It’s La Notte’s famous Smorgasbord at $50 per head.
  • Leo Igwe will speak again at a public meeting on Saturday. The Humanist Society of Victoria is joining Vic Skeptics in staging this event. It’s at 2pm at Victorian Trades Hall New Council Chambers at 54 Victoria Street Carlton South. $10 at the door, ($5 concession). Refreshments will be available.

Leo has undertaken that his Thursday and Saturday presentations will be different in content.

For information about Leo Igwe, please see


and our previous posts



3 Responses to Leo Igwe in Melbourne

  1. terrykelly3 says:

    This is a must see. He needs our support and we can be inspired by hm.

  2. terry kelly says:

    Leo spoke at our dinner last night. It was one of the best presentations we have ever had. He actually is inspiring…largely for the good humour in the face of terror, cruelty and ignorance. Come and see him on Saturday at the Trades Hall. 2pm.

  3. Graeme Hanigan says:

    When stupidity, fear and ignorance run a society, irrational ideas gain control. In Nigeria children accused of being witches are being tortured and put to death by fundamentalist Christians. Thankfully European society stopped burning witches in the late 18th century but sadly Africa today sees the result of crackpot irrational ideas when they are left unchecked. Why is it that an atheist that is bringing this horror to light and why are the mainstream churches silent on this matter?

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