Jason Brown on Online Activism

Back in June Jason Brown (who will be well known to listeners of the Skeptic Zone podcast) visited the Vic Skeptics Cafe to talk about online activism.

Online communication and social networking has led to a huge spike in our ability to reach out to the community, both in terms of education and in response to social and political issues

Twitter, Facebook and now Google Plus are offering more and more opportunities for us to spread the word that critical thinking and rationality are the way to go.

Here Jason talks about the Australian Christian Lobby’s attempt to remove a safe sex advertising campaign, and social media’s devastating (to them) response.

And here Jason talks about social media’s response to Australia’s National Schools Chaplaincy Program.

If you’d like to see more, you can follow Jason on Twitter at @drunkenmadman, check out his blog My Colleagues are Idiots and his podcast In Vino Veritas (with Dave the Happy Singer)!


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