A Skeptic in Church

As you’ve probably gathered, Skeptics normally don’t go to church.

President, Terry Kelly

So it was unusual for Vic Skeptics president Terry Kelly to be invited to speak at one.

No, not just any church: the Unitarian Church in Melbourne is different.  Their motto is:

Seek the Truth and Serve Humanity

It’s a good motto. It assumes that the truth isn’t already written down in an ancient book or is impossible to find.

As far as I know, none of our members are regular attendees at the Unitarian Church; we and they are clearly distinct organizations.  I’ll leave it to the reader to investigate the Unitarian Church further.  However it was interesting that Terry was given a free rein to speak about the skeptics, current issues and who we are.  Here then, is the skeptical equivalent of a “fire and brimstone” from the pulpit.

(The sound has been edited only to remove long pauses and “ums” and “arrs”.  The sound file can be found on this file sharing site.)terry-kelly-uc-talk.mp3

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