Sceptic Science in The Age

Journalist Brad Newsome has today launched a new blog, “Sceptic Science“, in The Age’s National Times section.

With a dearth of skeptical content in the mainstream media (indeed, a dearth of anything resembling skepticism), it’s fantastic to see this kind of content getting a run on that kind of forum.

Archaic spelling aside (what, no “k”?) Brad’s blog is shaping up to be an interesting, accessible look at a broad range of skeptical issues.

Right out of the gate, Brad bravely namechecks a number of potentially controversial topics (anti-vax, alternative medicine, chemtrails) before even bravelier (seriously? – Ed.) putting out the call for comments.

We wish Brad all the best with the new blog, and we’d like to encourage our readers to run on over, have a read and indeed leave a comment.

Be quick, though. With any luck the conspiracy-theory-laden-anti-science hordes will be descending soon. This should be fun!


2 Responses to Sceptic Science in The Age

  1. Brad Newsome says:

    Thanks for the plug, Matt. You and the rest of the Vic Skeptics are more than welcome to drop by anytime. Do let me know if I stuff anything up.

  2. Daniel Verberne says:

    I’ve been reading Brad’s articles from The Age online and loving every single one.

    His latest article addressing some of the quackery sold by commercial Pharmacists is something i’m particularly interested in, having raised the issue with Pharmacists myself before, without getting much in the way of support.

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