George Hrab in Melbourne


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Apparently skeptics are just a bunch of old-age naysayers with no religion, culture or art.  As such, don’t tell anyone about George Hrab and his upcoming gig in Melbourne, I wouldn’t want to burst anyone’s bubble.  I’d really hate for his gig to be spoilt by – you know – loads and loads of people turning up.

George is an active Pennsylvania based musician, composer, podcaster and skeptic.

George’s podcast; the Geologic Podcast, has a huge following and easily has the best sound quality of any skeptical podcast available.  The Geologic Podcast features segments such as “George talks to his mum” and “religious moron of the week”.

In a very bold move, George’s last album “Trebuchet” was released free, in its entirety, in one of his regular podcasts.  I first really began to appreciate George’s music when he produced the song “Far”, which became the theme music to the “365 Days of Astronomy” podcast – brilliant work (video below).

Details – 8pm, Tuesday the 30th of November 2010, The Clyde Hotel, 385 Cardigan St Carlton.

For more details also see the Young Australian Skeptics blog post – RSVP via facebook and make a donation to the organizers.

See you at the gig,


2 Responses to George Hrab in Melbourne

  1. catherineLd says:

    Excellent! Thanks Malcolm, will be simply ace! :D

  2. Kitty Maehem says:

    It will be a wonderful night! A special thankyou to catherineLd for making it all happen :)

    Please remember that this is a free event, but even the smallest of donations would be very kindly appreciated by the organisers (who without their own time, skills and money, this amazing event would not be taking place).

    Get your friends together for a fun night out, and be prepared to be entertained by the very clever, musically talented, witty (and charming), ever intelligent, (and might I be so bold as to say, “the thinking lady’s crumpet”) Mr George Hrab.

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