Don Hyatt, Audio

Don Hyatt gave us a great talk last Monday titled “The Problem with Education”.  Luckily for those that couldn’t come along, the talk was recorded.


[Direct link to the MP3]

Did you like that? Give us some feedback, do you want us to record future talks?

I’d also like to thank Ben, the wiz audio guy, for making the technology work.


Don has also made available the presentation slides from his talk in PDF form.

Slides 1-7

Slides 8 -23

Slides 24 – 33

Slides 34 – 83


3 Responses to Don Hyatt, Audio

  1. Wal Parker says:

    I thought that Don gave a very informative talk, and very wide ranging.
    Kind Regards

    • djhyatt says:

      Thanks Wal. I appreciate your comment.
      The talk was so wide ranging in fact that I didn’t get though it all. For those who were there on the night you might have missed the slides number 70 – 80. They draw a conclusion that I fear I did not make strongly enough at the time.

  2. Paul Gallagher says:

    Thank you Don, Mal and Ben.

    Great to hear the contemporary issues – recently echoed by the Governor General – on a school visit speaking about the relevance of subject choice. [‘Science’ and engineering careers]

    Glad to see “Scientists in Schools” is getting online and TV coverage:

    And yes, to answer Mal’s question. Recording of talks is a very welcome addition, both practically and as a resource. Until the live Webinars begin, of course :-)

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