Anti Vaccination Group Investigated on the ABC

We’ve been quite hard on old aunty ABC lately i.e. the recent post about the pseudoscientific practice of Transcendental Meditation on the ABC TV’s number one science program Catalyst.

It’s time to make up and give the ABC a big kiss for this story about the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN).  We’ve been banging on for years saying the AVN are hiding the fact that they are an anti vaccination organisation with no interest in giving parents balanced information about vaccines.

The NSW, Health Care Complaints Commission’s report on the AVN is due for release soon.  The report was sparked by a courageous complaint by Ken Macleod.

In case you missed it, the Lateline story about the AVN is now up on YouTube.

A great piece of investigative journalism from Steve Cannane.  Promote him to head of ABC science….. please?


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