New Simon Taylor show

Many active skeptics will have seen Simon Taylor before, so you’ll already know how good and entertaining he is.

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For those of you who haven’t seen him before let me tell you that he is very good and very entertaining.

He was a big hit at the Global Atheists’ Convention Dinner and more than held his own with other high profile entertainers.

We, (the Victorian Skeptics via Australian Skeptics) supported his two week show at Melbourne Uni’s Guild Theatre last year and it was a great show and with some nights being sold out.

Simon just seems to be getting better and better and so the show, at Darebin Arts Centre on 27th of August, promises to be a great night. Recommended for skeptics and non skeptics alike. Take your family and friends. If they don’t get the skeptical message (and there is one) they’ll at least have a good time and the show won’t end at the final curtain because there will be lingering conversations along the lines of “How did he do that?” …or even “I think I can work out how he did that one…” usually you can’t.



Simon Taylor’s web site

One Response to New Simon Taylor show

  1. Kamal says:

    Definitely one of Melbourne’s best magicians, and this show promises to be something special. A must see.

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